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Using Value and Community to increase Boutique sales with Kimra Luna [Podcast Episode 4]

Using Value and Community to increase boutique sales with Kimra Luna

In this episode I talk with branding expert Kimra Luna about the importance of giving value to your community and Facebook group, and how building a solid community can boost your brand. Kimra talks a lot about what she has done to grow her business to 6 figure earnings in less than 1 year. And […]

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Lessons Donald Trump taught me about owning an Online Boutique- [Podcast EP 3]

This episode we explore some key lessons learned from this season of Celebrity Apprentice. The lessons include about marketing, online presence, and viral video really got me to think about the way I see many online stores run their marketing and how it could be so much better. [Tweet “Always focus on the product, product […]

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Blogging for Your Online Boutique [Podcast Episode 2]

Today we talk to Ambitious Diva Marketing guru Jasmine Powers, about how blogging can help your online boutique, build a loyal customer following, and increase sales. Jasmine and I have a great time sharing our experiences with blogging and how it has helped to propel our business and keep our brands in the minds of […]

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3 Steps to a Dynamic Product Listing

How you display your products is the life line of your online boutique. Go od product listing results in high sales. There are 3 key parts of a product listing; the title, description, and photos. In this article we will look at how to optimize these 3 areas to make a product that stands out. Title The […]

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Customer Services Tips

Start an Online Boutique with an Excellent Customer Services Consumers value customer services a lot and are willing to pay extra dollars for the satisfaction they get. So, if you plan to start an online boutique, the same principles apply. The simple act of being responsible, courteous, and honest is well appreciated by customers and […]

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